Meet Christy Decatur

Why I want to work with you... 


My Story

Planning my own wedding should have been a piece of cake. After several years as a wedding and event planner in NYC, I had the skills, the templates, the checklists and the insider info on where and how to cut costs. I also had solid relationships with awesome vendors and brilliant colleagues who were eager to step in and support me.

What I was not prepared for was how life would only get crazier in the months that followed my engagement. Some highlights of this bat-shit crazy time include: the build-out and opening of my husband’s business, we were helping to financially support a family member through a tough time and we were planning a move to downsize into a teeny-tiny apartment.

But then the most painful of all the crazies: my mother’s health took a severe turn for the worse. She had been sick for years with advanced lung disease and it was looking very possible that she would be hospitalized, or worse, might not make it a few more months, let alone to my wedding day. Planning my wedding and knowing my mother might not be there destroyed me and consumed me.

For years, I had been encouraging brides to release their ideas of perfection and to stay in the moment.


Being on the other end of that advice really pissed me off. I was not interested in hippy-dippy clichés, I wanted some REAL HELP to get through this! I sat down and wrote out every fear and anxiety; every wish and fantasy. Some of these things were possible with a little creativity and planning. Others were completely out of my control. Making a distinction between the two settled my inner drama queen down a bit. At the very least I was beginning to know what I was dealing with.

My Fully Engaged Process

In my former life I was an actor and comedic improviser and I also spent most of my adult years dabbling in mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation. I drew on these  different, but kindred, traditions and cobbled together a plan of attack that would later become my Fully Engaged Planning Process.

As a result of doing this work, I was able to stay in the moment and not spew catastrophic thinking or go “full bridezilla” when things were not going my way. I was able to bring creative spontaneity and a sense of humor to the months leading up to my wedding and throughout that awesome day. I forged a deeper connection to my fiancé and the love for my mother grew fearlessly deeper. I also found that by allowing my family and friends to support me in clear and defined ways they felt less pressure and enjoyed themselves on my wedding day rather than being worked into the ground without any real say in the matter. Seeing the difference it made in my life, I was inspired to bring this same approach to my clients. I started to notice the results were consistent no matter what challenges they faced in the midst of their planning. My clients seemed to recover quicker when unexpected hiccups arrived. I witnessed less bickering between couples, less furrowed brows, and fewer anxious emails were sent my way at 2 a.m. I witnessed more creativity, more connection, more easeful problem solving, and a lot more laughter! 

Mom, my fiancee and I at our wedding: June 2013

Mom, my fiancee and I at our wedding: June 2013

The good news is that my mother did make it to my wedding. There was a lot of problem solving that went into getting her there but she was strong (and excited) enough to forgo her wheel chair and walk down the aisle! She only lived another year and a half but she did get to meet my daughter and they spent some quality time laying in bed together exchanging whispers about the secrets of the universe.

My life's work was born from this period of great joy and tragedy. 

My approach to event planning is based on a wholehearted acceptance of life’s beautiful chaos.

We need more than generic check lists and clichés when we are planning a big event.

We need a clear and honest accounting of our highest priorities as well as our greatest fears.

We need tools to address our dreams, hang ups, and anxieties just as much as we need spreadsheets, templates, and seating charts.

No matter where you are in this process I will teach you the skills you need to THRIVE when so many others are depleted by the stress and pressure of producing their next big thing. If you don't know where to start or how to finish I will show you how to harness the chaos around you to create something more VIBRANT & BEAUTIFUL than you ever could have imagined.