A wedding planner's secrets for celebrating life's beautiful chaos

What if your event was a living, breathing expression of your weird and awesome self? 

My clients are vibrant, down-to-earth, creative souls who don't buy into the idea that planning an event has to be STRESSFUL. But, even with all the skills and experience they may bring to the table, they still find themselves feeling tripped up by the logistics of planning (wait how much liquor do I need to buy?), creatively blocked, buried under the burden of budgeting or unsure of how to be comfortable as the center of attention.

You can plan it yourself without doing it alone!

I am not your average event planner. I am a passion planner, a life coach, an idea interpreter. I believe when we are creating an event that represents who we are we need to possess a clear vision, practical planning tools, creative ingenuity, and the ability to improvise.

Learn the secrets to survive planning your next special event.

Whether you are a healer hosting your first big workshop, an entrepreneur launching a next-level marketing event, or a couple about to say “I Do” I can help you navigate both the logistical planning and the emotional bullsh*t that trips you up when you are about to step into the spot light.

Hey, new friend! My name is Christy Decatur and I have spent the last decade in the trenches as a wedding and event coordinator in New York City.

I want to give you my secrets! In NYC, I helped plan major marketing events, mind-blowing proposals, authentic weddings and transformative workshops.

I want to save you time, money, and your sanity! So, I'm going to take everything that I've learned and give it to you!

I have relocated to beautiful Boulder, Colorado (see standard issue happy-snow photo) where I am now offering my insider information to anyone who longs to plan an event efficiently and mindfully while being true to themselves.

(Don't fret if you live far from the Rockies, the internet is magical thing!)


Find out my secret to turning any problem that arises into a party!

With Christy’s help our wedding found it’s voice, and after that all the other details became fun. Christy is that unique person in the wedding industry that says there is no wrong way to celebrate your love. I needed that way more than another infographic to do list. She helped me accept where I was, see the planning process as an opportunity for growth, and embrace all the confusing conflicting emotions as part of this big life transition. Christy talked me down, helped me zero in on what was important to us, and gave me a plan of attack that made it easier to stay focused.

We splurged on the things that really mattered to us, and let go of the rest. My friends still say it was “the best wedding ever”, and it might have never happened without Christy. Without her guidance, I fear I would still be single with a very impatient fiance’, still trying to figure out how to even attempt the planning process. That’s how lost I felt before her intervention. She saved my marriage, she saved my sanity and she saved me so much valuable time. She’s just the best!
— Devin & Justin, Wedding Coaching Clients

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